myths are weird

been thinking about this one a long time, but couldn’t figure how to make it work with what i was doing.

you know, how hera was a bitch queen to all the women her man chased around. she’s a real harpy in a lot of these myths, the original harried wife, running all over town with credit card statements and private investigators. anyway, there’s this one thing that’s really weird.

ganymede. thing is, ganymede didn’t recieve the consequences of io or europa. no, he’s abducted by zeus to serve wine and be a plaything of the gods – particularly zeus – and what else happens to him? immortality in servitude. eternal luggage boy of heaven.

and hera’s doing nothing.

it’s weird, like there’s different rules when your man is with a woman than when he is with a man. there’s a different kind of jealousy.

other things i think are weird: there’s a few myths about going to the underworld to bring back a lost love. they always seem to be myths about women pulled back from death. men don’t have their lovers walking down into the graveyard looking for a resurrection from the big chief of death and jewelry. aphrodite, maybe, but most times she just wept for her lover, and filled the world with flowers for him, and placed him in the stars.

myths are weird.

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