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I pay attention to these things and I hear the days of cloud computing are coming. I’ve been using email accounts for that for years but soon it will be official. It won’t just be documents and a few pictures as attachments to a self-addresses, stamped letter anymore. Server farms a thousand miles away will house the memory of my machine so all I have to do is tap into the wire and all the processing power of the cosmo is at my hands.

The thing I don’t like about that model is what I don’t like about cellphones. Ultimately my expensive device depends on monthly fees-many of them outrageous- just to access the most basic functions of my device. I see no open source alternative to google cloud anymore than I see an indie unix Fu master setting up his own cellphones for his own personal use out of his garage router. The clou sounds all high tech and utopian but it is so corporate it makes me want to puke.

Free email is fine for now but these days of cheap fuctionality on home pcs are numbered. The corporation are coming to find a way to profit on even the most mundane of computer tasks. The clouds are coming and they will block out the sun and rain all over our web parades.

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