General Update on Things and Stuff

I am a busy little bee. I turned in a large paper to my professor as part of my MFA program last weekend. We’ll see if he thinks it needs revisions or not. Regardless, the research is done and the lion’s share of the writing is done, ergo, I can move on and do other things.


First things first, I’ll be under contract very, very soon with Nightshade and I’ve got two books to polish into perfection.

Also a first thing, I’m expecting galleys to arrive from my editor at Apex Books on Maze any day now. Artist Angela Giles has been hard at work on interior things, and I know for a fact the insides will be beautiful. Here’s a preview:

Here’s her blogspot, with some more of her art and drawings and etc.:

She’s very talented. We’re very lucky to get her drawing for this project.

Second things second things: I am going to keep polishing up ARIAS FOR WOMEN AND MONSTERS. I have sent the various bits and pieces out into the world, and I continue to edit as I go. Will send to book editors soon-like, I’m sure.

Third things third: I know what I want to write next, and I’m not going to tell you about it. I’m just going to do it.

And, along these lines, off I go into the deep, dark depths of my computer screens.

I think I’ll finally have a chance to spend some quality time with this book, soon:

Also, this one:

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