in the interest of full disclosure, I got home from work Friday night (at 8pm…) and saw a note on my door telling me I had a package for someone named “Collins” waiting for me in the office. I assumed the package was misdirected, and ought to be redirected to this Collins person. I certainly wasn’t expecting a package.

Today, on my way to work, I swung by the office to check out this mysterious package.

Upon investigation, the mail guy assumed “Harper Collins” was some person named “Harper Collins” and put that name as whom the package was for on the little package slip. The package was actually addressed to me.

Inside was an uncorrected proof of THE WATERS RISING by Sherri S Tepper. It looks interesting, and I hope to get to it soon-like. However, I may not have time to get to it anytime soon. As it stands, I did want to drop a note about it here, and let people know about it. I certainly appreciate an early look at what appears to be something that will probably be really great.

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