Daily Archives: September 13, 2010

I have spent the weekend toiling for my alien overlords. MAZE came in from the editor, ready to be altered and cleaned as needed. I have completed my toiling and will soon pass it back for this round.

Also, I have seen the cover of LAST DRAGON and when you can see it, I will share it here. Also, pending our ability to secure rights on a piece, MAZE may have a cover, soon.

Which means, of course, that soon I can hand these things to the web designer waiting in the wings for these things to start her mission.

So,an update that you might know why the lack of update and the things coming soon.

Oh, and keep an ear out for Escape Pod, who picked up The Lady or the Tiger by me for their fabulous podcast.

Things are happening, behind the curtain, and the show is coming!

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