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On Nirvana

Now is the time and the time is now. Stand up and claim your destiny. The glittering light of joy inside of you must be thoroughly crushed. Raise your hands if you feel the light inside of you. Everyone raise your hands if you have hope. We must destroy it. The men in masks are waiting outside to lead you to your glorious destiny. They wear masks because masks scare people, and in case anyone is hiding any escape attempts on your persons, the masks will make sure even escapees will not know who are the ones who have come. Boots always look the same. Truncheons will keep you in line. This is your glorious destiny; embrace it. To the interrogation chambers and solemn dining halls of institutions we will send you. Joyfully, you will accept your new place in the world, and stay up late at night wondering if tomorrow is pizza friday in the cafeteria because it is your favorite day. Joyfully you will embrace the electroshock therapy for the feeling afterwards of having touched the cosmic eye, where all your impurities are wiped away until you are reborn holy and clean.

it’s time, all you who feel the breathe of god upon your bones to stand and be counted. stand up and announce yourselves. that way, you can be led away from this life, and taken to a monastic place of stark walls and eternal contemplation of the divine.

Why aren’t you so happy about this? Isn’t this the heaven you asked for? Isn’t this the ordered peace you demanded from your Holy God in the next life?

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