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I have decided that digs and horses are people. They have been genetically engineered to merge their cultures into ours. Without us they barely function, running around in packs trying to recreate the sense of family they get from families, but lacking in the natural ability to inject themselves with booster shots and healthier food. without them, people are a little incomplete: legs too short and no strong sense of territory, vigilance, and walking the ground we live upon; riding that ground and plowing it and clearing trails for ourselves without the aid of machinery. Horses and dogs are people.

I have neither. I have propped myself up with locked doors, treadmills, automobiles, and soulless things that would never bite me or kick me or buck me if I didn’t treat them with the same care and consideration I’d give to a brother.

The delineation between human and non-human is artificial, anyway. I set the line where I see fit. I redefine it after careful consideration and a sense of history.

I live alone in a one bedroom apartment. I dint even have a cat.

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