extra halloween

september has an absence of great holidays. august, too. we haven’t had a decent holiday since july 4th here in the states! that’s too long. we need an extra holiday. talk like a pirate day is a great start, but i think it could bleed over into an extra pirate-themed halloween. it’s a great holiday. we get to wear costumes, and raid the neighborhood houses for nautical booty: gold chocolate coins and jolly ranchers in the shape of various gems and jewels.

imagine the parties! rum! swordfights! pickpocketing! water-balloon cannons!

we could call it Buccaneer-oween.

all in favor of extra halloween, say “ARGH!”

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  1. YAR! You should try to make it to Piratepalooza some year, if you haven't been. It's here in Atlanta and is basically just a big piratical pub crawl. Sadly I missed it this year – it always is so close on the heels of Dragon Con that I'm still recovering!


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