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on the occasion of going 24 hours without caffeine

Between Friday morning and Sunday morning, I had a cup of coffee to start my workday, then drank herbal tea. As the day progressed, my headache grew slightly, like a numb ache behind the skull. The machine demanded more caffeine! Alas, having none, it made more noise.

Friday night, I passed out reading early. I had a long night of mares come to haunt my addiction’s withdrawal. I woke late, around ten, and mustered only enough energy to go for a walk and clean up parts of the kitchen. (not all, alas). Then, I zoned out to Bioshock 2 on easy mode lacking the skill required to play a twitch shooter without dying repeatedly. As the headache increased late into the day, I tried reading and couldn’t. I fell asleep around 7:30. I woke up a little when A____ called me, but only a little. The phone died, and I couldn’t muster the energy to hunt for the plug.
In the morning, again with the waking up at 10:00. Immediately to a cafe for an Americano the size of a quality bucket. Already, I feel more like a human and less like a hibernating bear struggling to stay awake as the seasons turn.

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