unripened persimmons

last night, discovered the strange tannic properties of an unripened persimmon. it forms a strange, dry-mouth-inducing paste in your mouth and throat, and down into your stomach. a particular tannin forms this strange paste. it tastes like a desert when it hits the mouth. It’s dangerous, too. It could clump up in the stomach, form a bezoar that must be cut away.

It was like biting into a sweet, delicious membrane of honey-infused apples, and then tasting the poison on the back when you swallow. It is like a bad story, the sweet, rich beauty in the unfamiliar fruit, the initial burst of sweet and tart like pleasure. Then, the tannic paste, clinging against the mouth and tongue in the unformed, unenticing bitter and dry waste of fruitflesh.

Even now, the next day, I can feel it in my throat, that strange paste, unappetizing and unappealing.

Do not eat Persimmons before they are ripe. They are dangerous.

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