“Never Knew Another is a weird but perfectly-formed koan of identity, memory, loss and loneliness. Dark, moving and unique.”-Felix Gilman (author of the ridiculously awesome books THUNDERER, GEARS OF THE CITY, and THE HALF-MADE WORLD, and if you’re here, I know you at least want to read one of his books, if you aren’t also a big fan!)

I expect the back to change as more people read the book. They will say things like “J M McDermott is awesome. He paid me to write this. I was promised beer!”

I may not have a large shelf o’ glory, but much of what I publish in short stories is in on-line markets, where the readers and money are at, and I’m only 30. I turn 31 in December. I think, perhaps, I’ve got a lot more books to write. For instance, the two sequels that are contractually obligated (and in progress–no worries, party people! I will meet my deadlines!)  will must be added.

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  1. Hello ! ^^
    I'm surpised to read that you are only 30, I turned 31 myself [last January] and if I don't have a large shelf o'glory too, I'm glad to put Never Knew Another in it. : )
    Happy Thanksgiving, sir !


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