still waiting on pictures…

I don’t have any pictures, yet, but they will come, I’m sure.

Wait… I see two popping up on Facebook…

 I think my facial expression says something like “…this is awkward…” as he sits down to begin his signing.

Yes, the event at Tech went down, and we met lots of awesome booksellers, bookbuyers and students! As usual, the free chocolate was more popular than the books, but this is to be expected on a college campus downtown.

I really like big, huge signs. I think they make everything more awesome.

I have another event lined up at a Books*a*Million in the Atlanta Area.

5900 Sugar Loaf Parkway
Lawrenceville, GA

I will be the guy sitting next to the gigantic sign.

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One response to “still waiting on pictures…

  1. You do look like you feel a little akward, but just remember that readers feel just as akward coming up to you as you do sitting there. 🙂

    The sign looks awesome, probably because you had some great cover art.


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