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Are you a book pirate? Do you feel guilty about it?

I decided to put a “donation” button on my blog, not because I am looking for donations, but because I can’t think anything would be wrong if random people of the internet decided to offset their book piracy guilt by sending me a few dollars over paypal. Or, you know, if someone just feels like giving me money. Also, I’ve been asked a few times by publishers of litmags if they could just pay me through paypal, and I could just point them to the button.

I can’t stop piracy. That’s crazy. And, I would encourage pirates to buy legal copies of books and ebooks to mitigate their guilt. (Publishers deserve their share, and work very hard for it. At least as hard as authors, in fact.)

But, I can guarantee that money donated to me will very likely end up in the hands of book publishers and other authors, because I have a book buying habit that I cannot seem to stop.

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