Get your groove on…

I’m not really on-line right now. I’m just hopping in after a couple e-mails to give a more general update on something appearing in my Facebook messages with enough regularity to merit a note.

I’m a big guy, but that don’t mean I don’t like to get on the dance floor and bust a move. Recent-like, I shared some of my favorite hip-hop and world beat with folks in Maine who often asked me what that awesome music was, because it was new to them.

Herein I recommend some of my favorite groovy tunes.

N.A.S.A. was discovered via BoingBoing, and won me over with the Tom Waits+Kool Keith collaboration “Spacious Thoughts”, but many solid numbers will get you moving, including the excellent “People Tree” with David Byrne hook and smart, smart rap lines.

Not so much for disco dancing, but groovy nonetheless, I first encountered Gjallarhorn at a Goth Club in Dallas, and have not forgotten it. It’s great fantastickal sounds for your strange fantasy, and it’s also got a beat that you can move to, if you are crazy enough to try it.

Most SF/F fans are well aware of Janelle Monae, but if you aren’t, get thee to the youtube videos and educate yourself in one of the most impressive R&B acts of our time, with lots and lots of SF-nal goodness layered on thick and smart with a beat that’s impossible to ignore.

Anyway, not really on-line much, what with three pressing deadlines. That’s what’s playing while I work, though.

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