Revisions Came, and Revisions Happened, and Revisions Left

When We Were Executioners, the second book of the Dogsland Trilogy, came back with some minor editorial notes (like “‘demonweed’ should be ‘demon weed’ in all cases, including these seventeen you’ve whiffed herein) and left my desk yesterday. Afterwards, I washed dishes, ate a sandwich, and got some exercise. My fiance came home from work, and we hung out a while, just talking about our day, our week, and all the miserably dull things people who live together talk about when they are extremely happy.

Books never leave your desk for good. They always come back to you. Always save your notes, your spreadsheets, and your earlier drafts, because the books always come back to you, and they always come with letters full of questions.

Expect When We Were Executioners in February, 2012. I’ve only got one book left to finish revising in this trilogy. Rome may have burned in a night, as did Chicago, but the cities in literature take a little longer.

In the mean time, pick up the first book to start the journey.

I’ve got two things to finish this week that don’t really merit mention here, but they shouldn’t take too long, and I expect to spend a large amount of time reading Thomas Pynchon books. I’m re-reading Against the Day, and might even re-read some of Mason & Dixon. If you’ve never read either one, Steampunk fans should pick-up Against the Day, and epic fantasy fans should pick-up Mason & Dixon. Regardless, both are relevant to a super secret project I’m working on, that I’d like to get back to, now, so…

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