Maze is late… So…

I’m sure many folks have noticed this book, MAZE, is not out, yet. With Apex Publication’s very, very exciting new distribution, all of their schedules and releases have yet to be newly hammered out, and we don’t know when MAZE is coming, but we know it will be part of this super-awesome re-launch of Apex Books all over the country with Diamond Distribution. So…

So, because it is late, and people have been expecting a book from me, Jason and I will be putting out a short story collection this fall. There will be a short story collection. It will be very interesting, with stories published and not, and it will involve things, societies, people, familes and reality falling all apart around us.

Some of the stories may be familiar (like “The End of Her World” or “Death’s Shed”) and some may not be familiar (like “Lights, Bugs” and “The Jamcoi”), but take heart weary fan, for there will be a book, even if it is not MAZE, and it will be available to you with things old and things new, and it will be put together when it is ready and it will be out in the world probably in the fall, because you were promised a book called MAZE, and schedules were made and announcements were made, and then plans changed. But, you were promised a book. You will have one, then. It will be a good book, promise. And it will not be too expensive, I hope, and it will look dandy on a shelf next to my other books.

So, MAZE is late. But, there will still be another book.

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