With the death of our fridge…

Lots of things were lost in our fridge. I made biscuits with what was left of the half & half. Some things have no second use. Many veggies lost.

It’s depressing to watch so much food wasted.

In these dark economic times, when life is uncertain, and the arrival of the next contract payment is up in the air, always, for writer-types like me, I wonder if I will ever, truly “make it” as a writer. It’s so disconcerting to work incredibly hard and see no reward for that work for months at a time. It’s perfectly normal for a company to get around to paying you after three or six months have already passed. Even short fiction runs slow with their payments. Even SEO articles and craptastic business-to-business gigs run slow.

It’s like working in a vat of molasses, burning all this energy at the keyboard, while the payment sort of floats towards you in the hazy distance.

Freelancing actually kind of sucks, quite a lot, in this manner.

In the mean time, I’ve got books for sale — even an inexpensive eBook or two. Remember, without your support, all of your favorite creators will sink into the molasses, and never have a chance to write again.

The other day, I was flipping through some old “Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror” anthologies. For every Ursula LeGuin and Jeffrey Ford there were three people I’d never heard of with a couple books out and some great stories that haven’t really done anything, since. I certainly didn’t recognize them. Their books were out of print, when I looked them up.

There but for the grace of God…

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