I like to make things.

I have learned about myself that I enjoy making things. It brings me pleasure to know that I created something, and it is a good thing.

When I am not making books and stories, I also like to make things. For instance, we made a basic clover honey mead a few months back, our first effort at making our own home brew, that was ready for bottling this weekend. I used to do this a lot with my parents, and was very pleased to give the super-fun activity a go, recently. It’s still too young to drink, and tastes young, but it is definitely on the right path to tasty mead-y meadness. By Christmas, our bottles of mead should be fabulous and delicious.

Time will tell.

This is what I do, when I am not reading or writing: I’m making things, baking things, and occasionally, accidentally breaking things!



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2 responses to “I like to make things.

  1. So first, that is completely awesome, second, I hope you post a link to a recipie because my husband is now obsessed since I showed him the twitter picture in my stream, third, making things is one of the most satisfying acts in the world.


  2. The recipe is in the book I linked to at Amazon. Honestly, mead is easy to make and delicious. Just follow any ol' recipe that looks good, to you, and brew away!


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