Something I just wrote about in tweets…

Read backwards as I just cut-and-pasted it.

In the current climate, it is still better to pursue major magazines first, but unless a semi-pro carries some cachet, it’s better to DiY.
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The experience has changed my perspective on short fiction, in general, and I expect I will be doing more original short stories via eBook.
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The bits are always distributed, exactly where people can find them, and I just have to keep producing more data bits…
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Though I still think it is not fully “here” as a writing business. In two years? Three? Five? The accounting and distribution is too good.
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The other neat thing is patience: I’m not racing against the death spiral to move units of product. I’ve got no PR, no hurry, and just write
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And, that this amount is small is a temporary thing, I think, as more and more readers turn to eBooks on their various devices and many small amounts add up over time.
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It’s simply breathtaking to open up a browser window, and know what I’m owed and exactly when it will arrive to the day. Even if it’s small.
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My eBook experiments indicate to me that this will be the future of books, if only because of the way accounting and payments work. #ontime

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One response to “Something I just wrote about in tweets…

  1. I never read novellas and short stories before the e-book. I just wasn't interested in buying anthologies or subscribing to the magazines. Now it appears in the lists of my favorite writers and on my “Recommended” field, for cheap, and directly to my device.
    The cheap thing is definitely a part of it because sometimes a book of short-stories only has one or two stories I want to read but I have to buy the whole thing. Now I can pick. It's doing for short stories what i-tunes did for music CDs. Personalizing my collection.


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