I think this is the 3rd time I’ve been "done" with this thing…

The problem with integrated collections about Greek Mythology is that there is quite a lot of mythology to play with, and no shortage of ideas bouncing around my head.

I think I’m done. This is the third time I thought I was done.

Time will tell.

I’m at my father’s house, passing through on my way to austin. the dogs are anxious. they want to go around the block. they want to play and eat and play some more.

I think they might be right.

so, in the mean time, it’s going to be all steampunk all the time, then.

I don’t actually believe in Steampunk as a literary movement. I believe in it as a fashion movement that was such a powerful and timely aesthetic idea that it tumbled out into other forms of art. It’s like how there are really strange poems and plays from Marcel DeChamp’s hobby-horsery, but it was always, really, about the paintings and sculptures and breakdown of form and imagery and definitions of the visual, tactile arts.

Still, I’m writing me some. It’s going all right. Time will tell.

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One response to “I think this is the 3rd time I’ve been "done" with this thing…

  1. Austin, Hooray! So much good food and drink there. Will you be back to Atlanta in time to Steampunk it up for Dragon Con?


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