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Would anyone here be interested in a book club?

Just curious. I’ve been thinking about ways to make this site more meaningful than just a big megaphone for my own things.

I’ve often done book reviews, and promoted things, and tried to use my powers for good. However, there comes a point where I feel like I’m just typing into the dark.

Would anyone be interested in a monthly book club?

I figure I could choose a book (with input from everyone in the comments) and then we all read it. We all post comments about it on a post dedicated to comments about it. I pick and choose what I like best from the comments and pull it up into the main post for the sake of bringing to light interesting things.

I’ve been thinking about this for all of twenty minutes, but it doesn’t seem crazy, yet. A monthly book club, where I pick your book (with your input) and we all read it for fun and commentary. Hopefully it’ll be something none of us have read before. I promise I won’t just assign everyone Hal Duncan, Jeff VanderMeer and Ekaterina Sedia over and over again like some kind of geeked out fanboy.

In fact, I’m pretty sure I won’t be wanting to do these authors at all, for a while, unless something new comes around.

What do you folks, think?


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