I won’t have time to update my website today, maybe not this week, but…

But… Moonlight Tuber #3 is live and in the world, including a story of mine.

Paul Jessup’s Coffin Mouth is live, as well, with a story by me:

Also, as it will be outed in a few minutes by SFSignal.com, I feel like I should mention this here, first, though I’ve been hinting at it for a couple weeks.

The cover isn’t final (I’m hiring someone for that, and it’s still in process), nor is absolutely all the layout and stuff final (I’m still tweaking it for each device), but the stories are there and any changes that happen, at this point, should be pretty minimal (except the cover):


Also up on Smashwords, Nook, if you care to look for it.

There’s a discount sampler of the stuff, with just two of the stories, that are free on Smashwords, and 99cents on Kindle. Want to taste the stuff before deciding to buy the stuff? Got you covered: link.

If you like it, please tell people about it. Indie/Micro titles are always fighting to make themselves heard in this noisy world. Every little bit helps.

Have you read pieces of this in The Raleigh Review? In Coffin Mouth (linked above)? In The Journal of Unlikely Entomology? Have you said to yourself that you’d like to read a lot more of that sort of thing?

Well, there it is. It is a thing. It is in the world. Enjoy.

The world is changing. The book world is going through massive, huge, crazy, scary, amazing, wonderful changes. I go into some detail about that over at SFSignal, in two posts. The first of the two goes live in about half an hour. The second part goes live tomorrow.

There’s also going to be an addendum to the two posts at SFSignal over here, in about half an hour, where I talk about this “eBook Gold Rush” that doesn’t, actually exist…

Peace and Love,

J. M. McDermott

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