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Ann and Jeff VanderMeer and close friends and collaborators have started a website to honor the massive, huge, expansive anthology they just put out with Corvus, celebrating 100 years of Weird Fiction.

It also looks like it’s going to become a major hub in surreal and speculative fictions for all things strange and odd and grotesque.

Check out www.weirdfictionreview.com for an interview with Neil Gaiman, some fabulous and horrific art, and an excellent short story, translated from the Belgian, “Kavar the Rat” that I quite enjoyed late at night, to unsettle my dreams with a dose of the strange. There’s even a comic strip. I imagine there will probably be surreal videos, and performance arts, stilt-walkers and clowns and seamstresses that work only in the medium of octopus tentacles, perhaps some clocks and a series of ominous chimes that go off in the night, unexpectedly, when the city is trying to sleep, and no one really knows what’s making all that noise.

Until such time as these many things appear on the site, there is a comic, art, an interview with Neil Gaiman, and an excellent short story.

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