When We Were Executioners Arriving in Stores and Homes Today

It would take too long to fiddle with the picture stuff between now and getting to work, so I won’t be taking any pictures. However, I have received my copies of WHEN WE WERE EXECUTIONERS from Amazon.com today. Any sightings in the wild? Upload it to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. and Tag Me in it!



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6 responses to “When We Were Executioners Arriving in Stores and Homes Today

  1. Not yet. I'm still waiting for my Kindle e-book pre-order of it to come through on February 1st.


  2. The book ships out early and the eBook doesn't?

    That's lame. I vote against this, with all the power I can muster. Which is none. Sorry, Brett!


  3. Ah, it's not a big deal. Especially since Amazon's got the print version coming out the day before (Jan 31).

    In fact, I was kind of surprised when you did a post saying that it should be out today.


  4. tim

    Mine should be on the way soon, but it needs to wait until Tuesday when Steve Erickson's These Dreams of You is released so that they can travel together. Don't want a book to got lonely on the road, right? Never know if it could wander down the wrong street and meet up with a bad crowd.


  5. Came to your work through Matthew Quinn, after we discussed the pros and cons of self-publishing. I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences on the traditional side.

    I look forward to picking up one of your titles and giving it a go!


  6. Jeff, I wrote a pretty extensive thing for SFSignal a while back. Poke around in Google and you'll find it, I'm sure.


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