Berlin Writes Back, While I Read

I have written my loveletters to Berlin before, and find it most rare and precious that Berlin has written back. Received in the post, the latest issue of SAND, an English-language literary journal based in Berlin, containing one of my stories from the WOMEN AND MONSTERS story cycle, “Circe”, and enough astounding and enjoyable and thought-provoking work that I am most pleased to be included in the issue. There is a story about a couple that attempts to sleep in the same place as famous people slept. There is poetry written sidewise and visually-stunning art. It comes packaged in a stylish paper sleeve. Were I to stumble upon this journal in the book shop, I would be sad if I did not pick it up.

I think you should pick up a copy, and not just because it contains me. I enjoyed the other stories and poems inside.

Also, if one is so inclined and able, I recommend writing a review of the journal.

Speaking of reviewing journals, I am most displeased that google alerts has not sent me any links to reviews of the JOURNAL OF UNLIKELY ENTOMOLOGY #3, in which my short story “War Beetles” is present in fine company. This is the same magazine that was noted by the Story South Million Writer’s Award, and which got me a lovely nod among their recommended stories of the year for “Arachne” in Issue #1 of this journal, last year. (Arachne is also part of the WOMEN AND MONSTERS story cycle, in case that wasn’t obvious!)

It would please me to see more reviews of these things.

I will put my money where my mouth is, as I am able, and review what I can, when I can. For spreading the word about lovely things is a very important thing to do in this new media age, where that is the only true coin of the realm and might could lead to more and more lovely things in the future.

I am currently reading three books. I am re-reading MORTAL LOVE by Elizabeth Hand and it is absolutely gorgeous, lovely, and a joy to read again. I have quite nearly finished ZONE ONE by Colson Whitehead, and I love everything but the zombies who are just so… Zombie. This isn’t really Mr. Whitehead’s fault, that I am tired of zombies, and I think it is a really excellent book and everyone should check it out, as they are able, if they haven’t already. The third book I am reading is my own, because the third Dogsland Book must needs be finished up soon, and I need to review where I have been to adjust where I am going accordingly.

So, it does look like there might be a third Dogsland book in the future, but no promises and do keep your fingers crossed because that could change in a heartbeat, as these things occasionally do, because nothing is solid, yet, and I have no details to share about that at this time beyond what is already said.

That is all.

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  1. Google Alerts are mostly useless, as far as I'm concerned. Locus Online did review JoUE #3 at the end of May. I've included a link, in case you haven't seen it already. I anticipate SFRevu will include the Journal in their next issue as well.


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