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Give Thanks and Free eBooks!

I am so thankful this holiday season! I have such wonderful readers, editors, friends, and family! 
As a token of my gratitude, and along with my desire to spread the thanks, I would like to spread some thanks out into the world, in exchange for an eBook!
Make a donation to your favorite charity, and when you do come here and reward yourself with a free PDF of NEVER KNEW ANOTHER!
If you would prefer a different file format, send me a note via e-mail and I can make that happen. (sankgreall gmail com) 
Please drop a line in the comments about the charity you chose, if you like.
Again, honor system donation to charity, of even a dollar or a quarter or anything at all. I personally really like Heifer International, the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, your local humane society, and the SFWA Emergency Medical Fund. But, these are hardly the only awesome charities out there!
So, spread thanks, and receive my thanks, in eBook format!
How long will this last? That’s an excellent question. One week, and if there’s a surge of donations to good causes, that get back to me, I’ll let this continue.
Do please post about your preferred charity in the comments, for people looking for good ideas!


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