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My Theory on How to Stop Monsanto

Reading through a seed catalog it was mentioned that it is getting difficult to find even remote growers who can supply non-GMO corn seeds. Monsanto is everywhere.

I’ve been thinking about how to effectively end them, though. The activists, I think, are going about it all wrong. Instead of trying to conquer Monsanto by open, honest activism, they ought to be using the same backroom, corrupt practices that drives the operation in the free market. If every anti-Monsanto organization bought up shares of Monsanto, how much would it take to reach a controlling share? In this, dividends earned from the company can become the engine of destruction, as those dividends are used to buy up more shares. If about half a million dollars were generated, across all the shells and activist organizations, a pretty large share of the company could be owned. Heck, there are people in this world who could buy Monsanto outright without even a wince on their balance sheets. Once a controlling share is created, destruction begins.

Liquidate everything but the patent on the genomes. Hoard that. Never, ever sell that, or donate that, or anything. Just let them sit in a box in the imaginary world where unused intellectual property waits out the laws.

If rich men and women really wanted to save the world, this would be one way. It would be easier than getting a law passed, and cheaper, most likely.


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