UPDATE: Fathomless Abyss Story Giveaway Means REWARDS!

At #1396 on Kindle in free eBooks, I am very pleased to see the success of ARE YOU LISTENING?

Right, I know it’s Friday afternoon, and y’all aren’t doing much but thinking about the weekend, but please to think about this.

Jason Sizemore of Apex Publications will drop the price on DISINTEGRATION VISIONS to just $0.99 for up to five days if the giveaweay of the short story cracks the top 100 on Amazon.

I think this is a goal we can reach. We’re not that far away. Think about how great it would be to get all that fiction, by me, to read this weekend for just a tiny pittance of hard-earned dinero. Tell your friends and spread the word, and let’s see how high we can go!

Your pal,


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