Last Night at S.A.W.G.

I had a great time speaking at the San Antonio Writer’s Guild last night. It was in an older church building, a congregationalist room. I felt quite like an art preacher standing at the pulpit and encouraging the people there to experiment, go beyond the basics of form, and ignore a lot of the stuff that’s fed to us from screenwriting gurus and plot-masters. My wife won’t watch her favorite shows with me because they’re too predictable to me, and I can see them coming. Read a few screenwriting books, and you’ll see the machinery, too. I talked about mosaic texts as an entry point into more experimental plot structures. I’ve written about that here, too. Here are some of the books I talked about last night:

So, if you’re interested in the mosaic text as a form, these are a few great ways of pursuing the form. 

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