I have a Serious Problem with this listing, and I don’t know who to contact



Look at it. Do you notice anything that might be strange or odd?

I’ll give you a minute. Go look again. Do you see it, yet?

Right, I know it isn’t obvious, but Jason over at Apex Books pointed this out to me, and I don’t know who to contact to address this concern.

You see, when you search for LAST DRAGON at Amazon, what turns up in search, as the default, is the used, out of print edition. The newer paperback, complete with new art and everything by my amazingly talented then-girlfriend, now-wife, is trundled away as if it doesn’t exist. The used stock is superseding the new edition.

I have nothing against people buying used books. That’s silly. What I mind is that most people aren’t even given the awareness of the latest edition, unless they choose to click on what looks like the most expensive edition in the drop down menu, and who would do that?

When you search for a book, the latest edition of the book, that is still in print, should come first, right? That should be the primary one that pops up first. Used books should be the second choice. We are talking about used books, here, with the discount edition. I don’t mind that these are being sold, and I encourage everyone to pick up a used copy if they want one. But, I do mind that these “bargain price” books are being sold as if they are new, and given primacy over the new editions. Do people realize they’re buying used, OOP editions? It doesn’t look like they are, on the page. On the page, it looks like you’re getting a brand new edition of the novel really cheap. When, in fact, you’re getting a used, OOP edition, that is cheaper because it is used. (Also, it is hurting sales of the new edition and is impacting Jason and me directly that this is what’s going on!)

Who do we (Jason Sizemore of Apex and I) contact at Amazon to rectify the situation, here?

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