Dogs and Horses.

Official news has hit: Skyhorse/Start is acquiring Night Shade Books, and the first two novels of the Dogsland Trilogy are part of the deal. In the process of this, a lot of dirty laundry came to light.  Paperwork that hadn’t been delivered for months appeared, at last, in the light of day. In this big reveal, we learned that 2nd novel of the Dogsland trilogy was sacrificed to a distribution crossover, and very little meaningful effort to promote the book happened, despite the verbal and written promises of the publisher. The book wasn’t even included in the company catalog.

Despite the troubles, the series was still praised by John Clute, Publisher’s Weekly, Jesse Bullington,Jon Ginsburg-Stevens, and Paul Goat Allen. It received critical acclaim, landed on best-of-the-year lists, and generally won over the small audience it was presented to.

This news means that there’s a whole new opportunity for readers to discover books about which John Clute said “..this could mark the beginning of something very good indeed from a genuine hard puncher.” (Strange Horizons, June 20, 2011). The third book is forthcoming from WordHorde later this year. The first two will be part of Skyhorse’s resurrection of Night Shade, available from PGW for fine bookstores everywhere.

The Dogsland trilogy begins with Never Knew Another, where two children of demons discover each other in the midst of the poverty and degradation of a city that would burn them alive for the crime of existing.The two demon children find love for a little while, but it is overshadowed by the city and people that pull them apart.

Now’s the time to get on board, so go forth and check out the books at your preferred retailer, and maybe be so kind as to drop a review as you’re able.

Thanks for your support during these challenging times.

J. M. McD

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