Two General Announcements, and One Announcement to Come

First, my gratitude goes out to Jason Sizemore and Sigrid Ellis, who have been so kind as to include an excerpt from MAZE in the latest issue of Apex Magazine’s digital editions. If you are a reader of Apex, and a reader of here, which is terrifically likely, you do not need to know these things. You have MAZE, and you have Apex Magazine, and you are happy! Good for you! For those of you that do not have either of these things, pick up an eBook edition of Apex Magazine, with stories by Cat Hellison, Mari Ness, Sunny Moraine, Jacqueline Carey, and Claire Humphrey from the fine folks at Weightless Books for DRM-free eBooks. ( If you do so and encounter MAZE, and wonder at reading more of it, there is a simple way to do such a thing. Again, from Weightless Books, pick up a copy of MAZE DRM-free! (

Second, my story “Dolores, Big and Strong” is available in the latest April/May 2014 issue of Asimov’s Magazine! I’m writing there as Joe M. McDermott, in part because I am going to need a new author name, soon, and, in part, because I’m tired of people calling me “Jim” when I’m out and about. I may have announced this already, but I am excited and it bears repeating!

There is a third thing. If you sign up for the newsletter, you will hear about it first, and even receive a special code of special-ness!

You still have time to sign up!


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2 responses to “Two General Announcements, and One Announcement to Come

  1. Any plans on the third book from the Dogsland trilogy?


  2. Yes. Watch W ordHorde for news.


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