Signed Copies of Books, How to Get Them?

If folks are interested in signed copies of any of my books, there are basically two ways to go about it. First, one could contact one of my publishers and ask if any are available. I don’t think Night Shade will have any, nor am I sure how anyone would reach them about it, but Apex and WordHorde are both very friendly with useful contact information on their respective web sites.

Second, where I live in San Antonio, I have an excellent relationship to the two independent bookstores here, in town. Call Viva Books or the Twig Bookshop in San Antonio, who are both easy to find in Google.

(Everyone at Viva knows me very well. At the Twig, definitely ask for Claudia, because she knows exactly how to find me.)

Make sure to tell the person on the phone that you want a signed copy, not just any ol’ copy.

Here are the websites:

The Twig (Remember to ask for Claudia!)

Viva Books

Either one will work great, and they are both wonderful, independent bookstores with a strong, independent spirit. They both ship.

Requests for personalization are easy to arrange, in this case, if you want the book to be a gift.

I’m going to be stickying this post somewhere on the side, you know, for future reference.

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