Having a Good Day

This showed up. Over at Kirkus Reviews:

I see what I see of the city, by the grace of the goddess Erin, who granted me the lost memories of the demon child’s skull that I might root out the evil of the world.
I recently wrote about trilogy endings and how saying goodbye to a favorite series is both sad and exciting. I found myself revisiting that bittersweet moment recently when I read We Leave Together by J.M. McDermott, the final book in the excellent, and sadly under-read, Dogsland Trilogy (Never Knew AnotherWhen We Were ExecutionersWe Leave Together). It’s a trilogy I wish had gotten more attention from fellow SFF readers because it is so good: It succeeds in what it sets out to do, it’s grim but it engages with its grimness in a thoughtful way and the prose itself is enough to recommend the book on its own.

I am so extremely grateful for the support of Thea and Ana over at the Booksmugglers. After a long week of work, and so many ups and downs in my private life, this.

It’s lovely to know that someone is reading, and people are talking and championing and doing so much.

Thank you! Thank you to everyone who writes reviews! Thank you to everyone who has written them!

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