Vultures are ghosts…

So, the really creepy thing in this picture I posted from my phone while sitting on the riverbank of the Guadalupe the other day ( is how there are no visible GIANT, HUGE OMG VULTURES in the picture.

There were at least four vultures in the frame when I clicked the button to take the picture. They were huge. They were all over the picnic and beach area. There is, maybe, one in the tree in the picture if you squint, but it has seemed to fool the camera into reducing its size and visibility. The ones that had been poking at the rocks along the tree’s roots are missing, too.

And this is really creepy.

There were sweeping flocks of vultures, all over the beach and trees there. So many that I had to take a picture of them, at a dying tree along a beach.

And, there don’t seem to be any in the picture.

I think Bigfoot sitings are ghost sitings. I think we are hallucinating the ghosts of an ancient Hominid, that walks the woods. I think the environment is being destroyed so quickly and so suddenly that much of the nature we see are just ghosts, memorializing migration patterns for the few living sons and daughters of the birds that remain.

The missing vultures, I didn’t even notice until I checked the blog this morning to see what I had done last week, and if there was anything there worth talking about this morning.

And, there was.

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