Nine too many

I have non copies of We Leave Together. This is too many. I will give away nine copies, then.

First nine comments below get one book.

I will autograph them for you if you promise to make a five dollar donation to your local library. Scott’s honor.



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12 responses to “Nine too many

  1. Anonymous

    It just started


  2. Anonymous

    That was me, @mangoheroics trying to tell you Anonymous was back! I would like very much to read We Leave Together. And you know how I feel about signed books!


  3. Yay! I love great books and supporting local libraries and independent bookstores! Thanks so much for doing this.


  4. I have a friend named Scott. He is very honorable, except for the one time with the tire swing where he said he tied the rope “really” well.


  5. Is it Free Little Library friendly?


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.


  7. 'Tis a consumation…devoutly to be wished/


  8. @DreamingNyx

    Would love to have a signed copy and all the better to support my favorite library as well.


  9. That is 6. Mail goes out today if I have your address. Sankgreall gmail com


  10. I suppose I am too late, again. So much procrastination in my life these days, perhaps I should take a course or something.
    However, if I am not too late,, please delight me with one of your books. I am an avid reader and you could definitely help my addiction! Thank you in advance, I hope.


  11. Anonymous

    I am in need of addresses. You all have to let me know where to s err nd things. You are not too late.


  12. Contact me at sankgreall gmail com with your addresses?


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