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Apparently a company exists to promote kickstarter? *snorts*

I got this email from a company that claims to boost kickstarters by 1300%. They send a super special press release to Reuters, The AP, and “10 hand-picked high traffic blogs”.

Yeah, how do you prove that number in a crowdfunding business model? Comparing different projects? Ones where some are deep social networks and others aren’t? Some where some on is deeply professional and others aren’t?

And… uh… Reuters isnt exactly in the business of covering weird art projects on the internet. That is not their business. The AP, also, is a little busy with real world tragedies for weird art projects on the internet.

Folks, stay frosty out there. If it smells fishy, and it comes at you unsolicited, best to step back and remember that the internet is full of spammers. If they dont mal easy money, they won’t be kicking that can of spam at doorways and windows much longer.

A real challenge moving forward is going to be separating wheat from chaff. (And, honestly, whilst freelancing, I have been paid to churn some of that particular brand of butter. I know it when I see it, now.)

And, somebody tell Reuters that I am kickstarting. See if they notice the email Lon enough to delete it, or if their is just a semisentient killfile slowly waking up to digital life.

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