Shelter Dog Here

We were close for a while, but we did finally get things in order for a puppy from a local no-kill shelter. Her story is true shelter dog: She was found as a stray and was infected with demodectic mange. Most shelters would not have kept her long enough to heal her. Fortunately, this sweet pup was at a no kill shelter where she received treatment and is quite nearly completely healed from a common ailment that is noncommunicable and easily treated. Every city should strive to be a no kill city. This dog adopted means another dog can be saved by the organization.

We have a shoe-requirements for all visitors at the house, for a while, naturally. Keep your shoes on. There is a puppy here who is still learning. Watch your step while we are training her!

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  1. OMG He's adorable!!!! Congrats!


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