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Golden Rice Dream

The Golden Rice debate is not actually about GMO or Non-GMO. That is a smokescreen. The actual debate is about desertification, human power structures, and the failure of agricultural systems as they exist. In all these starving places of the world, there are plenty of crops available to provide Vitamin A, and many preserving techniques to extend the crop. The rice is not the cause of malnutrition. We, the people, are the cause. Why we annihilate rice at the genetic level and create a new organism, when rice was not to blame is beyond me. Better that enormously expensive and technologically marvelous solution than to change a single farm, a single distribution network… People are so strange.

Despite my last paragraph, I am not against GMO. I think it is a marvelous wonder. I think it is often used incorrectly. Altering nature to reinforce systems that destroy nature is incorrect. That is the largescale agricultural model that we live with, now, stabilizing inequality and debt and strip-mining soil for nutrients to the detriment of life’s continuation on Earth, at all. Fortunately science has proven they are safe to eat, because we all are eating them. But there is safe to eat, and there is safe to eat. Desertification is real. Malnutrition would not end with the introduction of genetically-altered crops. The human problem just twists another knot around itself, and inevitably new issues will arise.

GMO is amazing, though, and should be used to do amazing things.

Altering plants and animals to bring life to Mars to make the spark of life, itself, vaster and more abundant and habitable to new life, now we talk. We should be shipping soil to Mars, fertile jungle stuff. We should be shoot in seeds every which way, and observing, studying, adjusting, and spreading.

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