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I’m deep in space, a quantum clone transmitted via ansible and orbiting a distant desert world.

While I’m away, I happened to receive a contract in the post from ANALOG, who will be publishing my short story “Farmer” excerpted from an unpublished novel that also includes “Dolores, Big and Strong” from Asimov’s April/May 2014, and “Paul and his Son” coming, next month, in Asimov’s April/May 2015.

Mustard is super easy to make at home, and I don’t understand why anyone buys it now that I’ve made it once. Grind the seeds in a blender; add liquid, optional spices/herbs; stir and adjust until liquidy consistency that is mustard-y; let sit overnight. Boom. Delicious Mustard.

I do not recommend working at 3 jobs simultaneously. It is very difficult to stay sane and alert when one is changing so many gears.

The garden is a helpful place to keep one’s mind rooted into the skull where it belongs.

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