Call for Submissions: March Madness Flash Fiction Contest

Salutations, Today I am opening the floodgates to submissions for the annual March Madness. This is a fun flash fiction contest I ran last year, wherein two writers go head-to-head with dueling prompts, and readers vote on who continues to the next round. 16 writers enter the ring. Only 1 will stand upon the crushed paper and spilled ink of their enemies, victorious! Last year’s winner, Natania Barron, will return and defend her championship. It will be tough, but it will also be open for everyone to come and compete.

February 15th – Submissions Opens for Available Slots in Contest

March 1 – Brackets announced

March 7 – 16 writers, 8 brackets

March 14 – 8 writers, 4 brackets

March 21 – 4 writers, 2 brackets

March 28 – 2 writers 1 bracket

  • All entries will remain live on the site for one month, and then will be turned into an eBook of which all proceeds go to the SFWA Emergency Medical Fund. Stories live for a while, but then they go away. Miss the moment, miss the story.
  • Initial Brackets will be randomized, and the tournament will run from there until only one writer remains standing.
  • Each bracket will receive a topic in the style of “VERSUS” and each writer will be assigned one of the two sides to take. So, for example, in “LOVE VERSUS WAR” Writer A will be assigned to write a flash piece about love, and Writer B will be assigned to write a flash piece about war.
  • Writers receive their prompts on Saturday morning, by 10:00. Flash Fictions are due by Sunday of that same weekend at Midnight.
  • In each round, votes will be tallied, and from there, the winner shall be sent along to the next round. Ultimately, votes decide who win.
  • Writers are encouraged to urge everyone they know to come along and vote for them, to spread the word far and wide, etc., but…
  • Writers are absolutely not going to engage in any trash talking or name calling or unsportsmanlike conduct that makes things personal, or attacks anyone’s fiction. This is supposed to be fun, and failure to follow this rule can lead to immediate disqualification.
  • Commenters who engage in trash talking or shaming or any ugliness will be banned and their votes will not be tallied.
 Fun. The goal is fun. Everyone have fun, push creative energies into an uncomfortable place to see what happens, and maybe raise some funds for SFWA’s Emergency Medical Fund.
Payment of $5 per story will be made via paypal each round of competition. Participants are free to declare that they would prefer it to be a donation to SFWA’s Emergency Medical Fund, but no one will be forced to do that or shamed into it.
The winner gets a ridiculous tchotchke from the independent bookstore where I work, as a trophy and prize of victory.
  • Send 1 flash fiction piece of no more than 1000 words to sankgreall[a]gmail[d]com inside the body of the e-mail, with no attachments at all.
  • Use the header: MARCH MADNESS SUBMISSION: Name.
  • Some note about prior sales, if any, is fine, but not necessary.
I encourage everyone, of every race, gender, creed, etc., to submit their fictions. I want this to be an inclusive space for writers across genres, and identities.

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