March Flash Madness 2015!

Woo and welcome, readers, to the greatest Flash Fiction contest in the entire universe, where the many enter the arena in literary combat, but only one passes the gauntlet, ink-stained, exhausted, and hollow. We all have our duty to the contest: we, the few, write stories; you, the many, cast votes!

Readers are not responsible for judging whether something captured the essence of the prompt. That judgment was already rendered. All that  readers must accomplish is the decision between stories to select the single best story of the two.

To vote: leave a comment declaring your selected winner.

Vote! Get out the vote! Do not fail in your duty!

Round 1  begins with prompts pulled from a random list, with our combatants also randomized.
1: Eric Bosarge versus Brooke Bolander

Two rising stars in genre fiction will be drawing first blood as newbies to this arena in the exciting battle of Stasis versus Time!

2: Steven Silver versus Sage Collins

Get out your forks, and also put them away, while newcomer and AbsoluteWrite regular Sage Collins engages in deadly combat with the battle-hardened grim visage of veteran duelist Steven Silver with battle Hunger versus Gluttony!

3: Haralambi Markov versus Steven Long

An international assassination attempt as Haralambi Markov and Steven Long cross oceans and time zones attempting to blow each other up with very different sorts of intellectual bombs in battle Fission versus Fusion!

4: Minerva Zimmerman versus J. M. McDermott

I expect to get thoroughly and completely broken in the next duel, and hope only to mend myself up a little afterwards. I dread entering the arena against a powerful writer and opponent, but I do what I must in the name of battle Breaking versus Mending!

5: Alex Livingston versus Natania Barron

Last year’s defending champion returns to glorious battle against a newcomer who is as ready as anyone can be to bring the erosion in battle Water versus Stone!

The battles continue until only one remains, chosen by you, the readers!

Battle commences in 5… 4… 3…


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