March Flash Madness has been a huge success, with amazing stories, and amazing victories against impossible opponents.

I have sent the final prompt to the opponents that will be entering the field of battle.

Alex Livingston cut his arena teeth chewing through a laughing monk from last year’s March Madness winner, Natania Barron. Then, Alex dueled to the death in the circles of nobility, and has successfully defeated the village square in a close-fought duel that went down to the very wire against a very challenging opponent: Steven H. Silver. Alex has proven to be a master of the form of flash fiction, and a crafty interpreter of the prompts as presented.


Brooke Bolander devoured all the memories of Eric Bosarge’s future in round one with a vampire of memories. In round two, she entered a cage battle against two veterans of Madness-past, Haralambi Markov and Minerva Zimmerman, and her mighty mother bear swallowed up a moonlight revolutionary and a deep space rejuvenation. Brooke has probably surprised even herself with her mighty and supreme victory in the second round. It wasn’t even close.

Now, these two formidable adversaries will square off in the arena, pens in hand and words curled up in whipping coils, cobbling together a final flash fiction.

This will be the battle of battles, the victory of victories.

“Out of the frying pan,” of last week’s prompts, and “Into the fire” of this week.

Alex Livingston will be writing a flash fiction piece for “Out of the frying pan”

Brooke Bolander will be writing “into the fire.”

Check in on Monday to read and vote in the final round!

*cue ominous music*

Thanks to everyone for joining along, so far, and I know I can’t wait to see what happens, next!

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