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Asimov’s Asimov’s Asimov’s

So, I am pleased to see the positive reception of “Paul and His Son” in Asimov’s, including mention at Tangent, SFRevu, and Locus.

I am even more pleased to see that in honor of this short story, there’s a limited time sale on the eBooks of Disintegration Visions and Maze.

As it is, going straight to the Apex website for the next two months nets both eBooks for just 1.99.


But, wherever fine eBooks are sold, Disintegration Visions is only .99, all this month. Next month, I believe MAZE is going to be just .99 cents.

It is the April/May Asimov’s, after all. Two months of Asimov’s, two months of a great deal on an eBook for any newcomer to my fiction interested in a little more for the right price of less than a burger at your least favorite burger place.



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