Battle Red-Riding Hood (Eric Bosarge) Versus the Big Bad Wolf (Phil Athans)

March Madness Begins!

Remember, fair reader, to vote for your favorite in the comments of each entry!

The first battle will be epic, worthy of becoming a folk legend, wherein author Eric Bosarge, whose debut novel is just out from Medallion Press, squares off against New York Times-Bestselling author and editor Philip Athans, famous for Wizards of the Coast and the Forgotten Realms!



ETA: That’s it for this year, folks! Stories will be compiled into an eBook and sold to support the Emergency Medical Fund at SFWA.



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7 responses to “Battle Red-Riding Hood (Eric Bosarge) Versus the Big Bad Wolf (Phil Athans)

  1. LisaMegan

    El Lobo gets my vote– I want more!


  2. El Lobo! The Winner! I want to know what happens next!!


  3. Preggo Meggo

    El lobo by Eric Bosarge!


  4. I’m going to buck the trend and vote for the Big Bad Wolf. While I enjoyed El Lobo, I don’t consider it flash fiction; at well over 1,000 words, it’s far too long. I also feel like it’s unfinished. There’s no resolution, just an abrupt end that’s terribly unsatisfying. (I do think it would make an amazing short story– if it had a better ending.)


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