In our exciting contest, we have already seen some amazing work from our authors. Some have moved on, and others will have to wait until next year for their chance at Madness glory!

In Battle The Sea versus The Sky, last year’s champion, Alex Livingston has moved on to the next round. He is probably very excited, with the release of Glitch Rain from Apex, and this energy has carried through to the competition!

In Battle Sparrow versus Hawk, “Wings Over Helion” was a clear favorite and pulled ahead early. Congratulations Nicole! This is her first foray into competitive fiction, and she has already defeated a very worthy opponent, and experienced battler from two prior years!

In Battle Root Versus Leaf, Libby Cudmore’s story was so popular, there wasn’t even a single vote for the other contestant’s piece. Since that other contestant is me, all I can say is congratulations Libby on your solid victory! (She is also likely quite excited about her recent book release, from HarperCollins!)

Finally, in Battle Red Riding Hood Versus Big Bad Wolf, the extrication of Red Riding Hood from the belly of El Lobo won out in a landslide.Congratulations, Eric! (Also, such excitement coming in July, Eric’s first novel The Time Train!)

It was a series of hard-fought battles, and I congratulate all contestants. I had a great time reading all the stories, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

New prompts will be sent to contestants tomorrow morning, and the battle continues on Monday!

Eric Bosarge and Libby Cudmore will square off in the arena. Alex Livingston and Nicole Platania will, as well. Whoever pulls ahead next week will continue on to the final round!

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