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Obligation to Link to New Novel Info

Howdy all,

Herein lies a link to a new book by me, with a beautiful cover with art from Jamie Jones and design by Christina Foltzer:


It’s coming in mid-January from Tor.com, and I am very pleased and excited to see this process move forward.

Interested reviewers are encouraged to reach out to Tor.com’s marketing team about an early look.

Thanks all!

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Sonnet #73

There are dinosaurs in grocery stores, unseen,

We do not know what kills us when we’re buying things
We take them home, they rest in back seats, hiding
as we walk up walkways, sneaking into the scene
The edges of the scene, the corners of our eyes
They sing a little, subaudibly, but audible enough
They hunt so quietly, we do not know how tough
We have to be to protect ourselves, who lives who dies
Depends on how careful we are, bad luck floating
in the air, stalking in the shadows around corners
Around the bend, looming over us, teeth gloating
where we fail to see. Old impulses calling to warn 
And calling to be torn. The prey of death desiring
Finds death easy. Slow suicide is easy. Go to the store.

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