Dogslandia Sonnet #128

Who will we become today? Another day is here And every minute of the day is the building of the self
Are we the person in a clean house, with bookshelves
and exercise and all the big goals gently steered?
Are we the ones who give up and worry and break?
Do our brains lie fallow in a haunted field of failure
Do our minds reach up and grip the cosmic spires?
Are we prayers today? Are we givers? Do we just take?
Every morning is another chance to build a habit
Every morning is another chance to feed old dooms
Today I cleaned the kitchen, again, held no sabbath
I think today I will drink coffee in the living room
until long after noon, and watch the dog and cat at it
Worry old pains in my bones with the rain and gloom

Posted By Blogger to Dogslandia at 11/06/2016 11:45:00 AM

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