Dogslandia Sonnet #140

Imagine two worlds running in two halls of creation One, we call earth, and the other, we’ll call Narnia
For lack of a better name, Well, the souls’ stationed
On Earth end their term and pass to where armies of
lions massed against the white queen. The fallen
in battle, the brave and heroic, are born again here
And after their time among the humans, the calling
of the Narnian world, they go, forever here and there
A back and forth of souls, passing through time
And myth is just the memory of other lives
And the stories that we tell are lessons of Narnia
The battles we seek are the redemption cries
Souls passing back and forth, like training for a
third world, not yet made, all the little sins grieved
clean, that we may pass this twin purgatories cleaved

Posted By Blogger to Dogslandia at 11/18/2016 12:41:00 PM

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