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The Truth About Microwaves

This is very simple, the new spying we do
Say you build microwaves. Every office has one.
Every kitchen. People tell the truth in kitchens.
Kitchens are honest.
Say you build microwaves.
You put a GPS in the microwave.
You put a small microphone in it.
You sit in some distant cubicle, under a bunker, and search out
You must be very careful how you do it
If you are caught, it could be a problem for you
But, still —

You turn on the microwave.

Say you are the country that builds all the microwaves
Your mountains are stripped to the bedrock for the building of them
Your rivers are the rivers of mercury
Your people live in cots, die in cots
They wear full-body suits with goggles for eyes
while they work
they work a long time

you turn on their microwaves

It doesn’t have to be microwaves
They build everything

At night, the technocrats sit up and listen to the world that exists
outside their factories
Where people have time to cook in their kitchens
Where people talk about their day, tell the truth about it
And you get to hear what it’s like
In offices where people have time to talk while they eat
In all the places that don’t build the microwaves
And people tell each other the truth

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Sonnet #230

Everything we see and everything we touch

Began as a dream in somebody’s head

All tools are imagined, all laws come from beds

where dreamers rise to wake their world as such

All the dreamers I know live out on the edge

They tread water in dreams, burn all their wax

They work twice as long, pay twice the tax

Every time the bills come due, all bets must have hedge

The state of the union where dreamers are poor

The state of the union where dreamers work late

The state of the union where delusions of grandeur

Are met with terror and mockery, hate

The state of the union where making art and poetry

Means fool’s uselessness, merit so hungry

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